Blu week comments

Innovative Animation

The artist we talked about on first lesson was Italian artist Blu

He was creating his animations on the large scale of the murals reinterpreting them and integrating with his own imagination. He also tried to make it into a comment on a place and dialogue with a local society. He had to face weather conditions and other problems connected with working on a monumental scale outside which probably made a process very challenging.  I like the atmosphere of his work, the psychodelic look of transformations and how he uses the space. It looks like he was coming with ideas how to move his characters as he goes and see new obstacles and shapes of surfaces that his characters will have to go through. I admire also his hand drawing skills that I seen in his sketchbook

group work

Aim of first animation was to integrate in into environment and make it important aspect of the animation. We performed initial tests with the use of B1 white paper sheet and black and white paint. Idea for the animation was walking and transforming hand. While doing first test we made many mistakes. The paint was not drying which made future frames more and more gray. We were absolutely covering previous frames, so there was no consistency with the following ones, because we had no reference to follow. Also instead of moving object fast we got stuck at one square.

While doing actual animation we changed the medium to color chalks on black board(make a photo of black board) to avoid problems we had with paint. We initially wanted to animate in a city space on walls but it could be difficult to get permission. The technique gave us interesting results and I would like to use it again but next time we should use a better camera and work in the urban environment and try to integrate it more with my animation.

my part 

I came with the idea of animating hands on blackboard with chalk and done some animation, I putted things together in After Effects and made a soundtrack.


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