Lotte Reiniger week comments

Innovative Animation

On a second week we talked about  German animator Lotte Reiniger.bfi-00n-zip tumblr_lyfk75NMvZ1r031rmo1_1280

She was also film director and a pioneer of silhouette animation.She made over 40 films over her career, all using her invention. Her most well known films are The Adventures of Prince Ahmed(1926) and The Magic Flute with a music by Mozart. Its impressive how she could use this technique to make to create full-length

group work

We started our preparations by reading through the script and trying to find the most interesting fragment of the plot and deciding what technique we want to use. First day we designed the characters  : 2 versions of wolf and Peter, decided how many joints should they have and then cut them out from black paper. We connected joints with small bits of blue tag with respect to order of joints. We created also some additional animals and peasants and some accessories.  On the second day we met to create the environment. We cut out grass, trees and drew backgrounds on the tracing paper.  Then we placed the background for the first scene on back light and on top of it grass and environment elements. To make it still we covered it with glass and then we putted the things we wanted to animate. Then we placed the camera and started animating the scenes. We repeated the process for all the scenes. The technique turned out to be very comfortable to use. Creation of assets is time consuming but they can be reused and are easy to animate. If I would be using this technique again I would create a  stand from CD’s to use more layers and use a tracing paper on more layers to give it more illusion of depth. For the soundtrack we did some voice acting and used fragments of original Wolf and Peter soundtrack to make it more engaging.

my part 

I created peasants, sheep’s, some grass, animated peasants scene and helped with animating all other scenes. I also putted everything together in AE and added a soundtrack.


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