Yuriy Norshteyn week comments

Innovative Animation

On a third week we talked about Russian animator Yuriy Norshteyn best known for his animated shorts Hedgehog in the Fog


and Tale of Tales (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFSc7aaj2JMwhich)


which was voted to be the best animated movie of all times. To my opinion the most impressive thing about his works is how he creates believable foggy environments very rich in details. I like his technique of painting on acetate on multiple layers and carefully moving them. I also enjoy watching the characters he creates which are very complex with their own personalities and motivations.

group work

We started with deciding what kind of environment we would like to animate and If we want to animate just nature or any character. Our first idea was pond with fisherman on a boat, but we thought that animating fishing rod and character could be too much technically challenging for our first try. We decided to focus on achieving atmospheric landscape. For this purpose we chose foggy mountains. We wanted to focus on creating the believable fog and illusion of depth. To archive it we made a CD’s stand for multiple layers of glass. Than on some acetate pieces we painted clouds with acrylic paint. We also painted mountains, layers of grass and trees. On bigger sheets of acetate we painted a see-through fog. We putted all the assets on layers placing fog between and in front of them to create illusion of depth and we use colored paper for the background. Then we animated layers simultaneously. We haven’t completely revealed the mountains and I think that we should reveal more of than but not completely to leave some mystery in atmosphere. For the soundtrack we used some sounds of nature. I think that fog we created was quite successful and that environment have some nice atmosphere to it. If I would be using this technique again I would try to animate also some characters and to make it more narrative.

my part 

I created fog layers, 1 layer of trees, 1 layer of grass, clouds and helped with animating.


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