Osbert Parker week comments

Innovative Animation

This week we talked about Osbert Parker http://www.osbertparker.com/ 

here is his showreel : https://vimeo.com/53235053

aai_0230img_6388_448_1 Osbert Parker Yours Truly

He has been experimenting much with animating short noir films. One of his works was nominated for BAFTA and Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

I particularly admire his creative freedom, how he steps out of the comfort zone creating his own techniques and  noir retro semi professional look of his works. It seems like he really enjoys what he is doing and does not try to compromise and be commercial, but inspite of it he was employed by big companies including Coca-Cola, MTV and NPowerdo  to do commercial work for them.




Firstly we agreed what character from movie and which fragment would we like to integrate into our animation. Then we downloaded it and captured few frames per second using vimeo. Then we choose the exact fragment we want to use and prepared the frames for printing in Photoshop. After printing we cut them out, putted numbers on back and folded to be easily standing. Next step was choosing environment. We looked around and try to imagine what from our surrounding would create a surrealisting engaging mood to animation. Our first choice was the manekin. For animating we moved to the corridor where we placed all of our assets. We made camera still with bluetag and placed our cutout in front of it to make it foreground. I think we archieved interesting mood and with a help of soundtrack we made a feel of urban atmosphere. I really enjoyed making this animation and I would definitely use this technique again. The mistake that we made was focus of the camera and next time I have to use a better camera and make sure focus is correct.

my part 

I downloaded the reference video, captured the frames and putted them together in Photoshop. Then I printed them. I also found some objects for background and animated them and putted everything together in AE.


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