Meghana Bisineer week comments

Innovative Animation

This week we have seen works by Meghana Bisineer

She is mixing a variety of media including video, animation, installation, photography and print. I like the fact that she has very strong fine arts skills which makes her works artistic and distinctive from digital works that surrounds us mostly nowadays. Her works are not particularly narrative, they are rather metaphoric dialog with the surroundings and landscape with very strong mood and emotional atmosphere to them.

here is her showreel :

and some of her works :


We started with deciding If we would like to use a phonebook or make a timelapse. We choose a timelapse because we wanted to make advantage of having a projector. The idea for the animation was a timelapse of Wolverhampton city landscape. Firstly we looked for a short clip about Wolverhampton and downloaded it. We choose an interesting moment showing main square that we would like to animate and found out how to move frame by frame in VLC player. Than we placed a large brown paper sheet on the wall and projected a movie on all of the paper. To draw on a hight we were all standing on a desk. For rotoscoping the video we used black and white charcoal. We did not want to exacly copy the video, we wanted to make it more in a Fine Arts organic style like Meghana Bisineer. We drew the first frame and then made one photo with video projected and one without. For next frames we were moving video forward and taking advantage of the fact that it was shaky redrawing chosen elements and animating some movements of people and cars. On the end we made all the lines accumulate and everything turn into abstract piece. In postproduction we mixed the photos with projection with photos without it to make interesting transitions and turn in into timelapse. I am happy with the final result and I think its a very interesting technique and I like the fine arts element in it.

my part 

I had the idea for rotoscoping using projector and brown paper, chose and downloaded the clip and take an active part in drawing the frames.


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