Second stage of project

Innovative Animation

Coming up with a story…

I stayed with the idea to go into action. I decided to make a mood quite dark but somewhat humoristic. I wanted to start with main characters being in relaxed situation like in brothel, when they do not expect anything bad to happen and are enjoying themselves. I wanted to break this relaxed mood by sudden ambush of the police knocking on the doors, wanting to arrest them. Then they would start getting away and a chase through a dystopian city would start. I thought about police changing into bad guys to blend good side representing law and villains. I wanted city and characters chasing to be black and white in opposition of colorful, hedonistic and harmful main characters. I want a mood of a city to be close to “Sin City”. I decided that characters from Gorillaz would much main characters well, If I choose particular fragment of the videos. I know that using characters such well known as Gorillaz comes with the risk of just repeating something that already exists. On the other hand If I have my own story and I put them in new world I would like main characters them to be same consistently all the time for the viewer not to get  confused who is who. Osbert Parker while making “Yours Truly” have not used many characters, but created a new story for them.


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