Hotel E

  • What is the film about?

The main object of the animation was to show the contrast between situation in countries from East block and “american dream”. It also showed how hard was for Eastern people to change anything in the system and how those living in communism were having difficulties adopting to changes. It was also about deprivation of basic needs and rights lack of availability of food, lack of personal freedom and self expression and how all of this was creating tension and frustration at the end leaving trauma making adaptation to changes more difficult. Opposition to how hard it was in East block was showing West reality with plenty of products available, relaxed lives, sexual liberation, freedom of self expression and live free of worries.

  • How does the style/treatment contribute to the narrative?

It depicts contrast between two realities and builds tension and dramatics of East with use of black, white and earth colors, thick dynamic lines in opposition to colorful, rich and relaxed West with well supplied, consumption focused, commercial and meaningless society.


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