Advanced 2D Techniques

For my project I decided to composite a war scene. I did not want to create a Sci-Fi or Fantasy theme, because I want a viewer to feel like the live action was actually shot in a war time and for this purpose its easier for me to test myself with a realistic theme. Its my first big compositing project so doing something unrealistic without a team and budget could end up in a look of a B class movie and I do not want it to happen. Instead I want to end up with a polished, integrated piece that could be in my portfolio. In my story soldier in Syria shoots at a and it starts explosion and makes tank shatter and set itself on fire. I want it to be an intensive action. My life action footage will be a video on a green screen of my friend Lee Clarke in a British military suit with AK gun as a soldier. My focus with it is creating dynamic short shots making action interesting and intensive. For this purpose I have created storyboard showing my character against backgrounds I am going to use. I will also have to pay attention to match the lighting of a footage with lighting of a background and do necessary color corrections for a whole thing to be integrated. I will also consider creating 3D shadows in Maya to make it even more realistic. I want to place different fragments of backgrounds on separate layers to be able to play with depth and integrate some smoke to make a war atmosphere. I am also making sure that background angles are correct matching life action footage. I am also working on focus changing to imitate lenses effects and I use motion blur on a bullet background to depict the movement. My animated elements will be moving aiming interface I designed in Photoshop inspired by shooting games in order to show how the feel of a real war can be blended with feel of a computer game to the point when we do not know what is real and what is a fiction. Also I have a 3D free tank model with textures that I found on an internet that is matching my background. I imported it to Maya and I divided it into multiple pieces to make it shatter using bullet physics in Maya. I also have to adjust the lighting to match the footage and create 3D shadows. Another one is smoke in a background to create a war feel and fire and smoke on top of a tank to make an explosion more realistic. I am going to use the videos with black backgrounds and integrate them using blending modes, masks and particles in After Effects. Different one is a 3D flying bullet that I will animate in Maya. I am also going to create a gunshot integrating muzzle fire and smoke in AE. Another important element of my project will be sound effects to make gunfire, explosion, steps, flying bullet realistic and to make it really feel like a war.

apron 3

Here is a photo of him in his suit. Because its green and could cause problems on green screen instead he is going to use his British Army Vest.

british army vest I tested it on green screen and its not causing any issues. Below is a storyboard depicting the shots I would like to film with him.


In a first shot He is crouching and sneaking with his gun drawn in front of him in a general view. In the background I want to have a still image of a war environment like in a storyboard with front in focus and buildings slightly out of focus. I want to integrate some smoke in the long shot to make the war atmosphere more realistic. In a second shot he is in a middle close up not moving in a crouched position aiming his gun in a 3/4 view. Then comes a full close up of him still aiming not moving. Next I want to shoot his profile back in a middle close up reloading gun. I have to composite a right background for this shot to have buildings from a previous shot in a front view. After this I want to make is his back view to show that he is aiming at a tank. I have a 3D model of a tank that I am using.

aiming interface Next thing I want to shoot is an aiming interface that would be moving until its pointed exactly at a tank and than pointer dot changes color. Next it zooms at a tank. After this I want to make his 3/4 long view with a gunfire. Later I would like to make a 3D flying bullet in a full close up. Then bullet hits a tank in a long view and it explodes ( I made it shattering to pieces in Maya. I want to composite explosion and smoke in AE to add realism to the shot.


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