An Animated Future for 3-D summary

Advanced 2D Techniques


The article tries to answer the question If 3D commercial filmmaking is going to be still popular after some time. He presents some of the objections. One of the objections presented in this article is that film needs a reason to use 3D as a technique. It is because producing film in 3D is very expensive and that television will not catch on because TV screens are too small.

Than he tells that some of those challenges has been overcome. 3D screens are larger, you can watch 3D movies at home even without 3D glasses. Also 3D industry is creating 3D games.

He also discusses arguments for 3D like the fact that it adds realism and offers different sensation.

He also says how 3D films currently fail to make photorealism standards and are better used for fantasy.

He suggests that it may be sustained because of 3D future animation films.


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