Evolution of essay topic

Advanced 2D Techniques

My first idea for essay topic was Comparison of Character Design workflows in Game Design Studios like Naughty Dog and Irrational Games.  Because workflow in different game design studios does not differ a lot topic title has been changed for Comparison of workflow in character design between Animation and Game Design Industry. Because there is not a lot of academic literature on subject of Character Design Workflow I decided to make a research of Academic Articles in Game Design subject to help me develop a new idea for a topic. I found a lot of interesting articles about mythology and dreams and how they affect game design. I came up with some potential titles for my essay :

  1. The role of myths, dreams and fantasies in Animation and Video Game design, case study of Bioshock universe
  2. How dreams and myths impact modern Video Game designs
  3. Affects of Myths and lucid dreaming on Game Design
  4. Uncanny in Video Games and Animation design ( myths, dreams…)
  5. Dystopian visions and dreams in design of video Games and animations
  6. Utopia and Dystopia in Game and Animation Designs

I decided to focus more on dreams and mythology than dystopia and utopia.

I came up with essay topic :

  1. The role of myths, dreams and fantasies in Animation and Video Game design

Some of the Academic Articles that I found related to this subject are :

  • Beyond Myth and Metaphor -The Case of Narrative in Digital Media by Marie-Laure Ryan
  • Bioshock and Portal : A Discussion of Poetics by Yotam Haimberg
  • Digital Games and Escapism by Gordon Calleja
  • Video Game Play Effects on Dreams : Self-Evaluation and Content Analisys by Jayne Isabel Gackenbach
  • A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys: Bioshock and the Dystopian Logic of Convergence by Jessica Aldred
  • Blood Scythes, Festivals, Quests, and Backstories World Creation and Rhetorics of Myth in World of Warcraft by Tanya Krzywinska
  • A Too-Coherent World: Game Studies and the Myth of “Narrative” Media by Edward Wesp
  • Myths, Monsters and Markets: Ethos, Identification, and the Video Game Adaptations of The Lord of the Rings by Mark Rowell Wallin
  • RPG Mythos: Narrative Gaming as Modern Mythmaking by Nicholas G. Cragoe
  • Strange Reality: Glitches and Uncanny Play by Eben Holmes
  • The Critical Power of Virtual Dystopias by Marcus Schulzke
  • The Role of Fantasy in Videogames: A Reappraisal by Liam Murray, John Maher
  • Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams: Popular Music, Narrative, and Dystopia in Bioshock by William Gibbons

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