essay research

Advanced 2D Techniques
  1. The role of dreams, fantasies and science fiction in Video Game and Animation Design – case study of Bioshock series. What methods am I going to use to research my topic question?

The method I have chosen to research my topic is a case study. Because my topic is very broad it is going to help me to narrow it down. I have chosen Bioshock series because it has a lot of reference to other disciplines and it gave inspiration for example in creation of Westworld TV series which explores how people act in simulations and how we see games and animations as fantasies. There is also a lot of articles about dream like reality of Bioshock with reference to physics and science fiction so it is easy for me to find a good reference material.

  1. What other fields or disciplines your essay topic draws on?


It refers to a range of different disciplines. It is associated with psychological and sociological studies of dreams, desires and how their affect designing simulations like games and animations. It also asks a question why people enjoy those simulations. It also refers to ethics and morality. Why players make different moral choices in simulations that they would do in real life and why they need their fantasies represented in media forms as games and animations. It also refers to physics and science fiction and people fantasising about parallel universes and relativeness of time and space. How many new opportunities discoveries in physics could create and the need of those science fiction dreams to be transferred to media form. Another question is If a dream like reality of Games and Animation is a form of escapism or does it broaden the horizons of the players and audience and is a positive phenomenon.


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