Raul Garcia – Art Director and my future plans in animation industry

Advanced 2D Techniques

Recently I have been reading one of the issues of Animation Magazine and I have been drawn by the article about animation The Fall of the House of Usher directed by Raul Garcia, director of Extraordinary Tales.

What cought my attention was original artstyle and mood of this animation.  I am impressed by character design and color scheme full of complementary colors and very expressive storyboard.


Main inspirations of Raul Garcia has always been classical Disney Movies and literature of Edgar Alan Poe together with Warner Brothers cartoons. He wanted to became one of animators and film makers after watching animations all of his life and developing a deep passion for them. The path to becoming animator was a mistery to him so he started soaking any information about animation industry that he could get. His other inspirations were from Westerns and B movies to  to the works of Truffaut, Kurosawa or Kubrick. He loved reding comic books and developed interest in illustration, design and cartooning.

He has a long experience working in animation industry. He moved from Spain to America to work on as an animator for big productions such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Alladin, Pocahontas, Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Lion king for 20 years of his career. From 2003 with enough experience under his belt he started creating his own stories and writing, directing and producing his own short animating movies. His long experience and increadible talent gave him a chance to work on adapting his favourite stories and creating his own. I think that becoming animation generalist and gathering varied experience in different aspects of animation industry can be an effective way towards, after many years of experience, becoming Art Director. Career of an Art Director in a small studio would be where I would like to end up after many years of previous experience as an animator.

My first step to archieve my goal would be to apply for animation generalist internships in animation studios and gather as much industry experience as I can and patiently work towards my goal observing industry professionals and learning from them.

Hopefully it is going to help me to improve my art style, ability to use different techniques and cooperate with different people in order to become a better animator.

Garcia in his short animations is striving to create something different that the project he has work on before which were often almost photo realistic and archieve a different artistic look. His main goal was to match style with a story to create engaging atmosphere of the piece. He inspired himself with paintings of Edward Munch which helped him with creating atmosphere. His love to the stories he is adapting makes experience of watching his animations very engaging. I like as well his enthusiasm to try more mature subject, because I believe that any age group should be able to enjoy animations created for them.

My ultimate goal is to be able to give mood and theme to animations and tell my own story and I think that Art Direction is the best position to be able to archieve this goal but I know that it is not something archievable in 5 years, but rather in 20 years. I am as well interested in the horror animation subject and the mood of Edgar Alan Poe in the Fall of the House of Usher captures me as something that I would love to work on. I know that my designs and animations have dark mood as well and I could be a good fit for studios making animated horrors for adults. Game industry has much to offer as well in terms of animated, darker pieces.

I think that for the animator it is very important for me to develop my fine art skills, drawing, painting, understanding of role of color, texture and line qualities.

I see myself working on short animations for small studios. I will apply for internships in all of UK, America, Switzerland, Norwegia, Sweden and New Zealand, Poland  and Bulgaria because those are places that I could move to for a job.


My alternative is trying to find remote animation generalist internship and pursuing my career in freelancing. If I would be freelancing I would be living in Poland or Bulgaria probably in mountains or on a coast

I am as well interested in indie emotional documentaries


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