career check-up

Advanced 2D Techniques

According to article about animation careers in Animation Magazine to become a sucessful animator I should be competent with my duties-perform them well to reduce amount of unnecessary effort, lost time and stress. Another important check-up is passion and excitement about my career to make it engaging and important part of my life. I should as well make sure that my career serves my purpose. I think that I should work on passion and purpose elements and make career in animation my main goal. Currently I feel distracted by my other job that gives me financial stability and satisfaction from working with people and helping and taking care people with disorders like Dementia. To commit fully to my animation career I need to earn minimum of 200 pounds a week in my inndustry and find a purpose in making animations with meaning and theme that would engage me. To improve my competency I should improve my animating environment, work not only at home, gather feedback, do a lot of networking and polish my skills and practise on every occasion especially life drawing, sculpting and painting.

My other goal in career seeking is to effectively showcase my work on social media, channels, websites to gather recognition, network, gain feedback and maybe try to monetize some of the videos.

I have to research the animation trends, demands, what people currently want to watch and keep polishing my skills in direction that would allow me to match market needs, not only my personal tastes.



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