1. Describing the initial ideas for the final project and explaining my decisions (CONCEPT)

Advanced 2D Techniques
  • Building 3D Character Design Portfolio in order to specialize in Character Design or find out If this is a suitable career for me,
  • Characters based on my interpretation of literature characters,
  • 5 concepted and modelled characters,
  • Designed in Photoshop, modelled in Zbrush, retopologized in 3D coat, rendered in Keyshot,
  • Neil Gaiman’s literature as an inspiration for my character designs


In my initial presentation I have included breakdown of software packages and my planned methodology of building 3D models because I wanted to work using industry workflow in 3D character design and polish my technical skills. The urge to practise software usage drove me away from more important matters such as good character design containing designs that would be likely used in games and animations. My software considerations should not be prior to concept and design phase. They should be only the tool in creating my concepts.

Feedback- too much attracted to detail, which software packages should I use. I should have looked more into a bigger picture- what is included in character design portfolios by industry professionals, theme mood and subject around my characters, break down my plan how to became a character designer analysing successful industry professionals path and what studios are looking for in candidate portfolios


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