3. Reflections on my project (REFLECTION)

Advanced 2D Techniques

What did I feel? – analysis :

I was feeling uncomfortable to show unfinished and sketchy designs on the lectures,

what caused me to spend too much time on bringing them to the final

form instead of working on developing good idea by producing multiple variations. I didn’t feel productive and creative enough while designing characters to make multiple concepts every week.

I was focused too much on my design choices and my own vision deciding which way to develop

my characters and not leaving my lecturer enough possibilities for feedback.

Analysis and exploration :

Most important points – analysis :

Link to the theory :

What went well/what didn’t? :

I had multiple suggestions from my lecturer that I should develop plan of action and research what studios are looking for in character designers to work towards industry standards to increase my chances of future employment. My lecturer was suggesting as well that I should commit more time to my project and bring more sketches every week. She was suggesting that I have an artistic potential but I have to put more work and passion into my project. This feedback resulted in me slowly increasing the amount of character designs and creating more sketches instead of fully rendered artwork. Sketches that I was bringing in initially was mostly based on light and shadow and fotographies. They felt static. After this feedback I have started making line work dynamic sketches of people that received much better feedback.


Every week I was creating only few polished character concepts. I was too much focused on creating the final look. I should have been bringing multiple versions of every character in sketchy concept form and together with class and lecturer choose the versions that should be developed further. Bringing only few polished versions was not leaving any room for altering my design. In real studio environment it’s important to create quickly different designs to give art director possibility to choose one suiting project best



What happened? – description :

When I was trying to increase a number of my weekly sketches and make my line work more dynamic and characters more depictable and expressive I have been approached by Emily and she wanted to get acquainted with my progress and work in this semester. My line work catched her eye and she said that she would love those lines to be moving. She as well knew that I am very committed to my work in care home and that it takes much of my passion and engagement in my studies. She suggested to connect my passion about helping old people with dementia with my appealing line work and create an animated frame by frame drawn documentary about forgotten people in care homes. It was a turning point in my final project. I finally felt like my engagement in the project is back and I am committed into developing final project. I have gone straight into work next week showing my first animation test.


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