4. Workflow and progress of new project (PREPRODUCTION)

Advanced 2D Techniques

With new project concept from a first week I was bringing in tests and I could see a rapid improvement in my engagement in the project. New subject made me much more passionate and connected to my work. I am glad that I followed Emily’s advice.

Every animation test required 5 drawings per second and Every week I was bringing in 1-2 tests 4-6 seconds long. This meaningfully improved the amount of drawings that I was producing. I wasn’t compromising in quality trying to depict all the folds and anatomy details. In a feedback I heard that I am even sometimes catch up too much In drafts man perfectionism depicting both cloth and human elements with the same amount of detail.

To bring all of the tests and elements together I have created 3D composition in After Effects and space in which I have combined my 2D and 3D skills. I have used different variations of a texture to give character to the background and to give CG space traditional look.

My feedback was that my tests are too static because some of the elements like legs, wheelchairs or clothing weren’t moving. The solution for this was adding boil to all of those elements so they don’t attract attention as static. Same about how static my texture background was. I have added boil to all elements of my animation and I could see a significant improvement of dynamics.

My animation needed some type of soundtrack to give it atmosphere. With my lecturers I have decided on recording sounds of the residents to add realism to the sounds. Recording voices in the care home is connected with many implications. There is a lot of background noises that can interfere with recording, multiple people talking. Another problem is recording in a way to gain a natural speech from residents that would match the atmosphere of the animation and deliver the personality and experience of the residents. I have decided to rent a small Yamaha recording kit. This way I could record in not intrusive way without making patients uncomfortable that they are being recorded.

Another sounds that added atmosphere to the animation are foyley sounds of opening doors and any other background sounds that can be heard in care home.




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