6. Reflections on my new project (REFLECTION)

Advanced 2D Techniques

What went well what didn’t :

Every week I was preparing 1-2 tests 4-6 seconds long with 5 drawings for every second. It was a vast improvement in my productivity which shows that I was much more committed to my new project that to character design portfolio. It made me reconsider my future plans, reconsider idea to become character designer in order to become animation generalist.


What did I feel? – analysis :

I felt more motived and connected with my animation. My weakness was basing myself too much on the reference materials and drawing on computer. I did it because I needed to spend some time in the week away from my workplace because of the stressful nature of my work. To come back to my patients with enthusiasm and engagement I needed to work on my project away from the care home. Another advantage of working from the reference was the ability to work on layers and using only line work without its background. I could have achieved it as well with the use of blending modes.

Analysis and exploration :


What I should have done was creating dynamic reference drawings at my workplace that would show personality of my patients and the mood of this place. Than I could have developed in-betweens and other frames from those key drawings.


What happened – description :


My lecturer pointed out that some of the elements in my composition like texture background, legs, chairs are static. This was making the while animation much less dynamic. To resolve those issues I animated those elements creating 3 frames of animation that I would loop to make a boil effect. This made a big difference in dynamics of animation.


I as well had a feedback that my drawings should be from life to be more personalized and alive. I felt that after spending 36 hours a week at my workplace it would not be wise for me to come there as well on my days off since It is a stressful job and I need some time off to be able to come back and give my enthusiasm to the residents. As well drawing from reference made me able to composing elements in after effects apply different background and make composition more dynamic. I tried though to make my tests more alive not drawing straight from reference but adding different twists and interpretations to my footage.


I needed to create more space to my animation instead of only camera movement through the empty corridors. To archive it I animated windows, doors and personal things belonging to residents. It added a lot to believability of the place and gave it more atmosphere and improved engagement in the piece.


Find links between theory and practise :

Most important points – analysis :






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