8. Reflecting on this point of my career (GENERAL REFLECTIONS)

Advanced 2D Techniques

How can I Improve my performance by reflecting on my final project experience and its outcome :

If I would be creating my final project again I would decide on narrative animation but create a fictional story. Making a documentary animation gave me a strong subject to work on, considering my engagement in the subject, but it caused me to base myself too much on my reference material and limited my creativity. Although I am happy with experience of making a documentary and amount of drawing practise and study that it gave me. Now I think that I should pursue more with fiction to work from imagination and use a more of the potential of animation medium considering exaduration.

How can I Improve my performance by reflecting on my final project experience and its outcome :

I should still improve on the way that I receive feedback, listen to suggestions and immediately apply the changes to my projects. If I don’t agree with some of the corrections or I find the better solutions I should work on a better way of expressing my solutions and brainstorming with other animators. I am satisfied though that I have followed Emily’s suggestion to change my project completely on the end of the semester instead of staying with my old idea. I have learned that every mistake can be a good teacher and important thing is to keep trying out different options receiving feedback and that it is never too late to change the direction.

Look to the future :

Experiences from this module teached me that I engage more easily in creating animated and narrative content that in designing static designs. It gave me direction for my future development as an animation generalist. My inability to focus just on one of the workflow elements directed me to take advantage from my broad interest and show my best side as someone that can very quickly develop new skills and connect skills from different areas of expertise.

Now I can identify myself more as an animator than designer.

About the subject of my animation I am very happy to have an experience of telling a very emotional and sad story. As my career I would prefer though to create entertainment pieces with dark and dramatic elements but balanced with the humour to lighten the mood. In this case subject have not allowed me for too. Many humoristic elements but If I would be making this animation again I would implement as well positive points of live in the care home, all the friendships and relations created there, connection between carers and the patients.

I would like to be creating meaningful stories showing real life dilemmas but I would like to show them in a way that would be more appealing for the audience, gradually build tension and implement bright positive elements more like in heroes journey.





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