Action Plan

Advanced 2D Techniques

Senior Animation Generalist for Game Design Studio or Animation Studio is where I want to be in 5 years’ time, Animation Producer or Animation Director is where I would like to be in 20 years after gathering as much varied industry experience as I can. I am not ready for a senior position yet, but here is how I will prepare :


Year 1 (After Graduating):

  • Email Game Design and Animation Studios in UK If they have any opportunities/openings for Junior Animators and Graduates.
  • Apply for job placements, internship programs, work experience as well as junior vacancies. Apply as Animation Generalist and alternatively Production Assistant opportunities. Additionally Apply for MA in the area that I want to specialize in.

Use my varied interests and experiences, software skills and personal skills in cover letters to brand myself.

  • Attend animation festivals and conferences, volunteer on festivals, meet people from related professions, meet other animators, get to know reality of business, ask for feedback on portfolio, give my business cards and stay in touch by email.
  • Create a storyboard for a new project and practise by animating characters for it.
  • Keep working on my showreel – especially character animation, storyboarding, lypsinc, timing, make body dynamics and personality tests. Character rigging in AE.
  • Regularly update my portfolio and showreel.
  • Work on networking, don’t be shy and make a lot of industry contacts. Use my personal skills to my advantage.
  • Be up to date with industry news, go on forums, read magazines : Animation Magazine, 3D World
  • Follow the profiles of the animators and designers that I like, build the database of work that I admire using Pocket App,
  • Attend recruitment events, ask for feedback,
  • Make trips to major Animation/Game Design cities and do in person meetings at he studios. Gather feedback, develop relations : not every studio posts jobs online.
  • Have a weekly checklist to make sure that I work towards achieving my goals


Year 2:

  • Start my internship, work experience or MA,
  • After 6 months try for permanent Junior position at the studio,
  • Constantly update my portfolio and showreel,
  • Apart of work, do on my personal project
  • At the studio be a Team Player, develop relationships, be active and have an influence on the project.

Use my friendly, easy going and helpful personality to have a positive impact on the studio.

  • Take active part of Animation/Games community, attend meetings, festivals and stay in touch with people I meet

Year 3:

  • Have a good influence on my studio, be engaged in developing its brand
  • Propose improvements, brainstorm with other members, collaborate between departments
  • Apart of my work do additional animation work to vary my experience, try different experiences
  • Start applying for my favourite studios as Animation Generalist for a better job
  • Take an active part in Animation/Games community, volunteer, try to have positive impact
  • Travel abroad, make international contacts, collaborations, help your studio in networking

Year 4:

  • Start working as more experienced Animator in better studio,
  • Be an active part of my studio, collaborate with different departments, help younger animators
  • Improve atmosphere in my studio, make sure that everyone is part of the team and everyone’s opinion is taken into account
  • Apart of work be active part of the community, provide support to graduate animators, students and people that just started working in industry
  • Create collaboration opportunities for my studio

Year 5:

  • Come up the ranks and become Senior Animator or Producer
  • Alternatively apply for supervisory Animation jobs


In 20 years… Apply for Animation Director or Producer jobs


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