My experience from applying for jobs

Advanced 2D Techniques

I have spent few days applying for Animation Generalist jobs in both Animation and Game Design studios. From my applications I have received some positive responses. First one was from Games Design studio Burke & Best based in Canterbury, that makes mobile Adult Swim Games including very successful Amateur Surgeon. They have recently signed contract with Cartoon Network to make Captain Planet game and their other clients include Nickelodeon. It is a small studio consisting of 8 people, that believes that strong small team can be capable of more than a big studio proving it by making successful games that sell very well on Android Market and IOS market. Amateur Surgeon has been Android Market bestseller in multiple countries including UK. I have been invited for an initial  telephone interview with recruitment manager of their partner company – Mediatonic Games, based in London. Company uses Flash for creating games… To prepare for the interview I have researched both Mediatonic, Kempt company ( former company of Chris Kempt – managing director of Burke&Best – he published 120 games with Kempt) and Burke & Best. Apart of companies research I have revised Flash, that I have stopped using since I came to England. My phone interview went very well. Recruitment Manager was pleased with how much I knew about company. He was initially planning to tell me more about company, but instead I have provided him with all the company background that I know to confirm the information that I have. After few minutes I have been invited for an interview in person in the studio in Canterbury. Before I came to studio I have spent a week animating in Flash and making a further research about the company and managing director Chris Kempt, that was due to be on the interview as well. Another person that was present during the interview was Burke’s & Best animator. During interview Chris made a presentation brief about company asking as well about what I know about the company. He was really pleased with my research. He asked me about all the experience that I have, my knowledge of Flash animation and game design workflow. I have said about what I can do using flash, but I have said that I don’t know action script. During interview my portfolio and showreel have been screened. They were very pleased with the dark and eccentric atmosphere of my designs and Overtime animation, since it was a very close match with what the company was creating. They have been asking me about how I came up with the ideas, what was the purpose of the projects. Before making decision they have asked me to send them examples of animation tests including walk cycles, lip-sync, principles of animation. I have send them work that I have created on the 3D production module using Max rig. They were pleased with the tests and invited me back to the Canterbury for a next stage of the interview which consisted of creating animation test in studio using flash based on a brief. Before the brief I have shown tests that I have made in flash during the week and I have received positive feedback. When I have arrived for an interview I have been acquainted with the brief.  I was supposed to create character throwing a ball with a start and stop button. I have created the buttons, but Animator helped me to make them function using action script since I don’t know Action Script. For an Animation part I have created character throwing a ball, ball bouncing of a wall, hitting the character and killing him and then bouncing off a screen. They found it very funny and positively exceeding the brief. From things to improve main animator suggested less keyframes, so I could alter the timing more easily. After the test I had a meeting with Chris Kempt and main Animator and I have discussed my expected salary, when could I start and the details of the vacancy. I have provided all my project files. Few days after interview I had a call, that they need to recruit Senior Animator first, so I have somebody to support me with Game Development and after they create facilities for Junior Animator they would like me to work for them.


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